I've discovered the secret to Skinwalker Ranch

Last night, May 19, I watched the latest episode of the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. I keep hoping it will get better, but it keeps disappointing.

Last night I decided what was fundamentally wrong with this show. One: it's really, really boring.

Two: It's not real.

The secret to Skinwalker Ranch is it's fake.

In the latest episode, a cow is found dead on the ranch. The rest of the herd is bunched up in a corner of the field. A vet comes to check the dead cow and declares that it has been frightened to death. Ok. Animals can spook easily. If a predator had come onto the property it would cause the cows to run. Perhaps one got left behind and was frightened enough to die.

I grew up on farms in the summer and cows bunch together all the time. They are also easily spooked. The death was natural; no mutilation or evidence of foul play. So why do they bring in a History channel favorite, Linda Molton Howe, to talk on and on about past animal mutilations? I have no idea.

We are told that all of their instruments that read EMF and radiation were "off the charts". There is no explanation for this that we know of.

They did some drilling in the ground and hit "something hard." A rock, perhaps?

The entire hour of the show is all about the cow, the herd of cows, and the instrument readings.

In the previous episode, they put two Lamas out in an open cage to act as bait to see if anything weird would show up and attack them. When the Lamas were actually attacked and injured, there was no close-up, clear camera on the animals to catch it, and no one watching. Wait... what?

The video they showed us was blurry, far away, and unclear. It was terrible. Perhaps it was that way on purpose, so we couldn't see clearly? I don't know.

The only interesting thing that happens is 30 seconds to the end when they capture a UFO on video flying over the ranch.

Earlier in the day a helicopter was filmed flying over the ranch and it had camera equipment on it. Ok, so someone flew over the famous ranch and took pictures. So?

The UFO caught 30 seconds before the end of the show was to purposefully leave us hanging to watch next week.

I was so bored watching these guys run around in a field discussing instrument readings and cow guts.

I am also convinced that this show is 100% scripted and fake.

 It is just my humble opinion.


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