The Cosmos Sends an Email

The Cosmos Sends an Email

I will often click on a link in Facebook that interests me, peeks my curiosity, or has something to do with the paranormal. I must have clicked on a site and it caused them to begin an email campaign with me that I can't find a way to stop. However, I want to share it with my readers because 1. It's a scam and 2. It's really crazy. I mean really crazy. Who, in their right mind, would believe this? Any of it? 
The header on each email is from "The Cosmos." The Cosmos defines itself in the first email. Well, since I don't really need to explain, since its all here, enjoy the first email.

1: Why I'm in love with you.

Dear Pamela,
First of all, I want to confess very clearly and openly, that I’m totally in love with you.

Now, before you freak out or anything, let’s clarify that I am a non-physical being (I am The 

Cosmos, to be exact)...

And the love I feel for you is of the platonic (although very real) kind :-)

Why am I in love with you?

Well, I’ve been watching you since you were born (a little before then, even)...and I’ve 

come to the conclusion that you are a very special human being.

You, my dear, have something important to do down there on the planet called Earth, and 

you were born with some special abilities that point to this.

What are those special abilities of which I speak?

I am going to tell you tomorrow.

For now, let me just say that I am here for you, Pamela, heart and soul…

I am always watching over you…

And I am always looking for ways that I can help you accomplish your purpose there on 


Be it in the form of secret information, special tools, or even surprise gifts from the universe, 

from time to time…

Because there will be signposts along the way, showing you where to go and what to do, as 

you follow this amazing adventure you call Life through…

There will be people and tools that will help you accomplish what you are here to do…

There are incredible secrets that the Masters, who have already been this way, have 

discovered, which you will be shown how to use...

And I will be the one to connect you will all of this.

So keep your eye out ;-)


The Cosmos  

P.S. As a non-physical being, I may be all-knowing and all-seeing, but I can’t actually do a 

simple thing like send emails (no fingers, ha!), I’ve asked my Earthly helpers R and L to 

help me get messages to you when I need to.

Ok. First, The Cosmos is writing to me, and the Cosmos explains that it is "a non-physical being", and, apparently, is the entire universe as we know it, writing an email to me. However, since it assumes I am not that stupid, it explains that, since it doesn't have arms or hands, and cannot actually type on a computer, it has two humans to do it for it. It's in love with me, and, here's the creepy part (as if that isn't creepy enough). It claims to have been watching me since birth. Watching me? Stalking me? Really? 
Because it finds me so amazing, so very incredible as a person, it has fallen in love with me. It has decided that I am a very special human being, and has decided to help me to accomplish my purpose by sending me tools and surprise gifts from the universe. It is here for me, heart and soul. It is constantly watching me. I am so creeped out by this. 
The next day I get another email. Understand, I have not answered this email.

2. Pamela's Special Abilities:
Dear Pamela,

Hey there it’s me again!

...the Cosmos.

You’ll have to forgive me if I sound a little “spacey” today…

I’ve been deep in the trenches of running the entire show out here...yes, including all 

200,001 billion galaxies.

And yes, it IS a big job :-)
Fortunately,  I’m not running this place and the Cosmic Operations Center all by myself.

Far from it!

I need help...lots of help. Especially when it comes to practical things, like sending emails 

and staying in communication with you in a timely manner.

You can think of me kind of like a “Cosmic CEO” - who is really good at seeing the “big 


...but an absolute disaster when it comes to remembering to tie my shoes (if I wore shoes. 

Which I don’t).
For example, say I were to find the Perfect Solution for you one day - whether that’s a 

glimpse of your future, or a bracelet that helps you stay aligned with your True Purpose, or 

way for you to make money doing what you love...

It wouldn’t do for ME to try to send your Perfect Solution off by myself, as it might not reach 

you for a few thousand years (which is the blink of an eye for me).

So, that’s why I have a cast of “Cosmic Helpers” who all help me to stay in touch with YOU, 

and get you what you need (usually in the nick of time)!

I want to introduce you to all of them - in person - but I’m running out of time today, and I 

promised I’d tell you something about yourself today, if you remember from my last email…

Remember how I said you have some special things to accomplish here on Earth, and that 

you have special abilities that will help you do this?

Here’s three things I’ve observed about you (since I’ve been watching you since the day 

you were born)...

You’re more perceptive about the people around you than pretty much everyone else I 

know. You notice things others miss...especially when it comes to emotional clues and 

You tend to put others first, even if it’s inconvenient for you. People know this about you, 

and know it’s you they can count on if they’re having a bad day.
You have a stronger sense of purpose than most. You’ve always had this “feeling” you were 

supposed to do something important in the world...but it’s not been as clear as it should. So 

you often feel like you’re just “waiting for instructions” on some higher purpose.

Not everyone feels, thinks, or acts this way. Believe me.

Only those, like yourself, who actually DO have a higher purpose in life.

You’re different. And you’re meant to walk a different Way.

And together, over the next few weeks (and months) we are going to discover what that 


I have a personal interest in you finding your way, Pamela.

(More on that later ;-)

So that’s why I’ll be sending you, not only the things you need to discover your true path…

But the tools and secrets you will need to walk down it with confidence and power.

I can’t WAIT for you to see the amazing life that’s been waiting for you all this time…

Down the Rabbit Hole and through the Secret Doorway, into the Magic Garden.


The Cosmos
P.S. It’s not easy sending emails through space and time from way out to make 

sure they get to you, I’ve enlisted the help of two very good friends of mine, Ric & Liz 

Thompson. So when you get a message from me, you can thank them for swinging the 

“tech” stuff for me! ;-)

First, it claims to be running 200,001 billion galaxies. Wow, it's a busy dude/thing/universe. So it's still claiming to be the cosmos, the actual, real cosmos. Or is this Cosmo? Is that you fella? I once knew a guy named Cosmo; also a dog. Maybe it's the dog messing with me? It also claims that it's been watching me all my life and has noticed that I have three special abilities:
1. I'm more perceptive about the people around me than pretty much everyone else it knows. 
2. I tend to put others first, even if it’s inconvenient for me. 
3. I have a stronger sense of purpose than most. I've always had this “feeling” I was supposed to do something important in the world.
Now that it has stroked my ego to a pretty extreme extent, it goes in for the sell.
It promised to give me tools and secrets! I can't wait...

3: Down The Rabbit Hole

Hello there, Pamela!

This is a private invitation.

So please, keep to yourself :-)

I am inviting you to go far beyond the World that most people see…

And into a world that most don’t have the courage to traverse.

This world is the REAL one, the one that’s hiding behind the world of mundane tasks, work, 

and responsibilities…

A world that I believe YOU can see, much better than the people around you :-)

It’s a world where you have a true purpose to explore and fulfill here on Earth…

A Purpose which I have the full instructions for…

But, of course, it requires your full participation (it’s about YOUR life, after all).


If you want to dive down beyond the superficial world most people live in…

And you want to see what it’s truly possible for you to accomplish here on Earth…

Click on the sacred scroll below...

And I’ll introduce you to the magical world where your every dream can come true, where 

you have a specific and important role to fulfill in this lifetime…

And where you will be able to step into the destiny that has been waiting for you since the 

day you were born (and took your first precious breath here on Earth)...

And, just to be completely transparent…

There will be challenges…

There will be tests…

But in the end, I KNOW you will transcend everything…

And become the amazing Being you are meant to be here…fulfilling the Purpose you were 

meant to...and enjoying life to the fullest (including some surprise gifts along the way ;-)

Because...I’ve Seen it.

Love, Light, and Blessings,  

The Cosmos

P.S. Please read the letter here which I wrote especially for you. It contains important 

information (and instructions) for your journey to come in the next few days (and weeks).

P.P.S. Also please send an energetic “thank you” to Ric & Liz Thompson, who helped me 

connect with you, and will be our email emissaries from this day forward. 

4. Tree if Life

The Cosmos here, just checking in :-)

Hope you’re having an amazing day, down there on Planet Earth. 

If not...well, how about we add a little something into it? ;-)

I’m not sure if you realize this or not...but YOU are intimately connected to something called 

the Tree of life    

Which, incidentally, has been documented as an intrinsic part of our history (and future 

path) by not one, but TWENTY different cultures around the world…

Read all about it here:

It is both forms of the world tree or cosmic tree, and is portrayed in various religions and 

philosophies as the same tree.

And this very same tree, Pamela, is integral to your life path

So please take a few minutes to study what it means, and think about what it might mean for 
you, today.

We are all part of a greater plan, whether we know it or not…

We all, (including you), have an important part to play on Planet Earth during our lifetimes...

And this is just ONE of the things that shows this to be every culture, since the 

beginning of Time.


The Cosmos 

P.S. As a non-physical being, I may be all-knowing and all-seeing, but I can’t actually do a 

simple thing like send emails (no fingers, ha!), I’ve asked my Earthly helpers Ric & Liz 

Thompson to help me get messages to you when I need to.

First, I have to say that going 'down the rabbit hole' is a reference to Alice in Wonderland. Going down the rabbit hole is never a good thing. It usually means that you have just entered a crazy place; a very bad, very crazy place. Why the writers would use this term as though they don't know this is beyond me. Perhaps they aren't very bright? 
This special scroll, when I click on the link, is all about a Reiki bracelet that will give me special powers. This is the first time that Reiki has been mentioned, but it doesn't explain what Reiki is. It also offers a Tree of Life pendent. So, I am to believe that some new, cheap jewelry will give me special powers.

5. The Story of Om and Pamela

Dear Pamela,

As the Cosmos, it’s my JOB to know these things.

Like, “what is the meaning...for REAL...of the symbol “om?”

I mean, people have been chanting this, writing it, and meditating on it for years 

(thousands, if we’re counting here).



Why on Earth (and yes, it’s endemic to Earth) is this one little symbol...these two letters put powerful?

I want you to know this firsthand, Pamela.

I want you to understand the meaning of OM - far beyond what the average yoga 

teacher,New Ager, or even spiritual “guru” understands about this strangely important and 

mysterious symbol…

So, sometime before you go to bed tonight..please read this.

This symbol can truly become YOUR path to becoming liberated and free...but only for 

those who understand it.

Happy reading :-)


The Cosmos

Ok, really? What you're giving me is far beyond the knowledge of the average yoga teacher or guru? That is a pretty big and very pompous claim that I think all gurus and yoga teachers would argue. 

6. Message from Makao

Dear Pamela,

My name is Mikao Usui, and I am (or was) the founder of the spiritual practice you now 

know as Reiki.

I am reaching through the veils of the universe today, to reach you, because I sense that 

you are in need of some energetic healing.

I can’t often do this, but when the need is strong, and the veils between my world and yours 

are thin, sometimes I can.

I want to give you something today, that can help you connect with the energy that you 


And just so you know...this is something that actually incorporates BOTH the healing 

energy of the Tree of Life, and the ancient power of the Om Symbol...which I believe you 

have been learning about.

But first, can I tell you a little bit about myself, which most people (even those who practice 

Reiki today) don’t know?

I don’t often get a chance to chat with the living, and I find it refreshing to be able to talk to 

someone such as yourself, who seems like a gentle soul :-)

My father’s name was Uzemon, and my mother was from the Kawai family. My brothers, 

Sanya and Kuniji, grew up to become a doctor and a policeman.

Of course, I was expected to become something along such “respectable” lines…

But instead, I just founded the Art of Healing with Energy, Reiki ;-)

Another thing that is little known, is that I was raised as a samurai from childhood.

So I understand all at once: discipline, the warrior’s soul, and the need for healing. 

Well, Pamela, thank you for listening to me today.

It is wonderful to be “heard” again...even spirits need companionship, sometimes.

As a thank you, I would like to give you a small gift, if that is ok?

I hope you’re able to open this gift from me today, Pamela.

(There are actually three things in there, if you look and read closely).

I believe it is the right thing for you to have, right now...especially since you will instantly 

realize the importance of the Tree of Life and “Om” symbols being combined in one single 

object so powerfully…

...and I hope you will be able to feel the healing energy from it, as soon as it’s in your 


Best wishes,

Mikao Usui

Founder of Reiki

P.S. Ric & Liz helped me forward this on to you today (google doesn’t normally allow those 

who have passed on to another world to send emails, even if it’s for a good cause).

7: Feeling Lucky Today? This is probably why.


If you had a “funny little feeling” this morning, that something good might be coming your way…

If you wondered what was going to happen today to make it special…

Wonder no longer.

This is what gave you that feeling

Hey - you can choose to ignore the times when the universe chooses to recognize you and 

give you exactly what you need at that very moment in time…

Or, you can choose to receive.

Personally, I recommend the latter ;-)

Love, Hugs, and Kisses,

The Cosmos
P.S. I recommend you wear this on your left wrist (closer to your heart). That’s all I’m going 

to say. If you really want to see what it is and why you received it today, click here.

P.S. This email was sent via the Cosmos and her Earthly Ambassadors Ric & Liz today, if 

you happen to see them in the near future please thank them for helping me get through to 

you (The Cosmos, while all-seeing, still has its limitations when it comes to human 

technology ;-)

This email claims to be from the creator of Reiki, who is long dead. (By the way, Reiki has only been around for about 100 years,not the thousands of years that many Reiki followers claim.) He is trying very hard to give me a Reiki bracelet, free. All he wants from me is my home address and personal phone number. That's all. (The "energy" that Reiki claims surrounds all human bodies cannot be detected by any scientific instrument. It doesn't exist, according to science,therefore, it is a scam, and is all that Reiki is based upon. Don't fall for this. Reiki sessions with a practicing Reiki "master" can be quite expensive and there are claims that it can heal diseases and emotional problems. There is no scientific evidence of this and, Reiki therapy, unlike acupuncture, is NOT covered by insurance, because insurance companies and the medical community do not recognize it as legitimate.)

8: Is your address the same as before?

Dear Pamela,

Reason I’m asking is, I have a gift I would like to send you today, but not sure if I’ll be 

sending it to the right place…

It’s a Reiki Healing Bracelet, and each stone and symbol in it actually means something 

specific which you can read about here if you like...

But don’t take too long, because I only have so many left of these and I hope that I can get 

you one before they are all gone.

But like I said, I’m not sure if you’re living in the same place as when I last wrote to you.

Can you confirm your address please by clicking the button below (and if you would like 

one of these, please be sure to fill everything out so it will go to the right place and not 

someone else)...

Thanks for confirming before I pack this up and send it off, Pamela!


The Cosmos

P.S. I actually have two more things I think you need right now that go with the bracelet. 

Just because. If you’d like to see what those are,  click on the box and I’ll show you 

everything I’m planning to send:

P.P.S. In case you’re wondering how a non-physical entity such as myself can press the 

buttons to send an email...I can’t ;-) So I got a little help from my friends there on Earth, Ric 

& Liz. Thanks guys!

"It's not sure I am living in the last place as when it last wrote to me." It (the cosmos) has never written to me. This is a lie. It is just trying really hard to get more of my personal information. Of course, the usual claim of having only so many of these left, so hurry to claim yours, is now rearing it's ugly scam-head. 

9. Missed call from 101-202-1111


Unknown said…
hey I'm getting the same emails what it all about lol I had to laugh when I first got one lol
Ghostdanxe said…
Its just a scam, a sales pitch. Ignore it.
inthesameboat said…
me too!! its so irritating.. how do I make them stop...!!!!

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