Mountain Monsters Revisited

I am beginning my new reviews of paranormal tv shows because these articles were the most popular here, and, I must admit, the most fun to write.

If you have never seen Mountain Monsters, well, you are in for it.

On the official Travel Channel website, they describe the show as being about a band of hard-core hunters and trappers who have gotten together in the mountains of West Virginia to hunt down and trap legendary, odd and mythological monsters. I would assert, based upon the show itself, which depicts each member carrying serious hardware in the form of rifles of all sorts, locked and loaded and pointing at anything and everything that moves, that they are also attempting to bag themselves a creature, gut it, stuff it and mount it on their wall. Just a thought.

Mountain Monsters is a "reality" show based on the hunt for cryptozoology creatures, or creatures that are unidentified, such as Big Foot. The show originally premiered on Destination America on June 22, 2013. They moved to the Travel Channel for the sixth season, which premiered on August 21, 2019. It airs at 9:00 pm on Wednesday nights.

The cast members are as follows:
Trapper - John Tice
Buck - Jacob Lowe - Expert Caller
Huckleberry - Joseph Lott - head of security
Jeff - Jeff Headlee - AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) co-founder and team researcher
Willy - William McQuillian - AIMS co-founder and expert trap builder
Wild Bill - William Neff - expert trapper and big game hunter

In case you didn't know this, these cast members are professional actors. Some have information on line about their acting careers, and some even list acting credits. However, if you do a search, you will find very little information about these guys. Their biographies are basically part fiction written to fit the premise of the show. I found some acting credits and personal information as little as two weeks ago. But, now, that information is already gone off the web; scrubbed. 

The show is also scripted. The first few seasons it's not quite so obvious, but the last two seasons it is. The producers wrote a script that follows a very "reality show" tract that is very familiar to most of us. Each episode has the team describing the monster they are about to hunt, interviewing witnesses, scouting out the site. Then they build a trap fit to catch their monster.  Next, they go on the hunt, locate the monster, trap it, then lose it. Very blurry photos and videos are produced. When they do get a monster on film it is very fake looking. Is it CGI?  and badly done at that?

They never capture any real, actual evidence. Never. Not once. There are a lot of viewers who will continue to watch because they are die hard believers in the supernatural and mysterious creatures.
Who doesn't want to believe in the stories of the Mothman, or Bigfoot? It's fun. It's entertaining to watch. But I take it all in with a big dose of reality; actual reality, and a hefty grain of salt.

Have you noticed that they all carry weapons but they never fire them at anything? Well, almost never. It's rare, but they have fired their guns on the show. However, most of the time they don't shoot at anything, no matter how close, or dangerous. Why not? Why carry loaded guns and never use them? Not even in defense. Odd.

These guys are supposed to be experienced hunters and trappers. I am not. However, one thing I can figure out for myself is that to stalk an animal in the wild, you have to be QUIET.  As Elmer Fud says, "Be very quiet. I'm hunting wabits." I've never seen such a bunch of loud and clumsy hunters in my life. They also use lights, flash lights and lights mounted on their heads. The area is flooded with light. What criptid in his/her right hairy mind would crawl anywhere near them? However, they still manage to find their prey, even with all that spot-lit racket  Really.

The traps are supposed to be amazing, right? Then why can they never, ever hold anything in them? They always break out and get away.

I think these guys make these creatures up. I've heard of Bigfoot and Sasquash, and Mothman, and Werewolves. But  a Snallygaster? Whya Woman, Spearfinger? Nah. 

Is the show completely faked? Well, what are the chances of a bunch of hunters actually succeeding in finding the monster they are hunting, every single episode? But they do. They always do.

The camera work reminds me of Ghost Adventures. The camera is never well focused on anything, and never captures any actual paranormal figure or spirit or anything. The camera shakes, and falls, and goes upside down, or goes off or goes out of focus. But it never actually captures anything clearly. Never.

Even though they claim to have traveled to other states, like Pennsylvania, to hunt creatures, the film crew never leaves West Virginia.

The current season is the strangest and least credible of them all, and I won't ruin it for you, but they seem to be lead around by their noses by some sort of demonic entity, or guy, and given orders to hunt specific monsters. Let me know what you think, please.

I enjoy this show as a comedy. It makes me laugh. In that way I enjoy it, so I recommend it as an enjoyable hour of comedy.

Did you know that the show runs a disclaimer after each episode? Well, it does. Basically, it says that no actual, real animals were hunted or harmed.

But, wait... I thought that was the whole show? What?! Wait....What??

P.S. John Tice a.k.a. Trapper, has had some health issues but is not seriously ill or close to death. He's fine.

Research source is Wikipedia, the Travel Channel Website for cast info, times and dates, and my own reading. 

The content of this article is my own opinion  and only opinion. 


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