A Chronicle of Paranormal Activity in my home

A Chronicle of Paranormal Activity in my home

I never thought I would have paranormal activity in my own home.

I have lived in the same place for 15 years. The house is a hundred years old. It's always been a quiet, peaceful place to live. I have close neighbors, and I am very close to the center of the downtown area. But, other than an occasional siren from the fire house, or the lonely train whistle, which I love, traffic is light, noise from people is rare, I live alone, and the house is quiet.

Odd things began happening about six weeks ago. Since I write this blog, I thought readers may be interested in a chronicle of activity and events, including results from investigations done at the location.

I don't yet have a history of the house, but, if activity continues, I will be doing some research into the history of this place. It's important to know if anything or anyone unusual ever happened here or lived here.

Prior to six weeks ago, only two odd, unexplained things happened here. The first was when a statue that my late father carved just before he died, flew off my dresser, hit something about 6 feet away, and broke. This occurred many years ago. I have no explanation for how or why the object "flew" off the dresser and landed so very far away. It's made of solid wood and has weight. If it had been close enough to the edge to fall off, it would have fallen straight down. Instead, it landed six feet away. I was heartbroken. This item is very precious to me. The arms broke off.  I still have the statue, but the broken pieces have disappeared.

The second odd thing that happened was about eight years ago. I  was getting ready to leave for work. It was about 6:45 am. I was about to open the front door when I heard a series of loud bangs that came from the kitchen and sounded just like the kitchen cabinet doors banging shut. I ran to the kitchen and found everything in order. All the cabinet doors where closed, as I had left them. The doors cannot swing open on their own, and, if left open, cannot swing shut on their own. I have no explanation for this event.

Nothing strange or unexplained has happened in my house until about six weeks ago. It began when I noticed that a bracelet was sitting out on my dresser in my bedroom. I have a plastic bracelet and a pendant, which both have gold pilot wings attached to them. My father made them while stationed in North Africa as a pilot during WWII. I acquired them about ten years ago when a distant relative gave them to me at a family reunion. I treasure these objects and keep them safely in a box with the lid closed. One morning I noticed the bracelet sitting out on the dresser. The box, with the lid on, was sitting beside it. I know for sure that I would never take the bracelet out of the box and leave it out. I always put it back into the box to keep it safe from loss. It's very important to me. I know, with absolute certainty, that I did not leave it out. No one else was in the house.

Following that event, a series of odd things occurred in the house. My computer screen, which sits on the desk in the living room, was turned at a 90% angle. I didn't do that. The clock on the wall in the living room, which runs on battery, stopped twice and was knocked at an angle on the wall. A chain necklace, which I left on the bathroom sink, fell to the floor. I found it lying on the floor but I know I didn't knock it off. I use my son's X Box to run my TV in the living room. One morning it was on and the dvd player was whirring away. I called my son to ask him if it can or ever has turned on by itself and he said, "No, absolutely not." One morning I walked into the kitchen and a very loud bang hit the roof, or the upstairs floor. I was not sure which. I went outside, incase something very large had hit the roof, but nothing was anywhere on the ground around the house or on the roof. There was nothing upstairs on the floor either.

I was getting a bit concerned, but really had no desire to investigate my own home. So I contacted a very good friend of mine, Stewart Cornelius, who is from Gettysburg and has had 30 years of experience as a paranormal investigator. He agreed to come and do an investigation. He arrived with a trainee and began an EVP session in the living room. He also set rem-pods on the steps, and k-2 meters in the living room. A rem-pod is a 3-D circular EMF meter which lights up and points in the direction of any spike in EMF. A K-2 meter is an EMF meter which lights up colored lights from green to red, with red being the highest reading. Later in the evening he went upstairs and conducted two more EVP sessions; one in my bedroom and another in my son's former room. While they were upstairs, a loud series of bangs came from upstairs. Everyone heard  it but there was no explanation of the bangs. Later, near the end of the evening, he set up a Phasma-box. It's like a Ghost-box, without all the white noise. During the session, we heard the name "Bruce" clearly. That is my boyfriend's name. He was with us at the time.

Two weeks later Stewart sent me the results of his investigation. He didn't capture any pictures on his camera, but he did catch 12 EVPs. Some where very quiet and hard to hear, but a few were quite clear. One, which has me very puzzled, is a voice saying, "Been there." When I sent it to my son, he said it was definitely his voice on the recorder. He is living in San Diego, California, and has not been home since Dec 3.

After the results of the investigation, activity has continued, and gotten even more dramatic. It seems to be mostly objects being moved.

One morning I was in the kitchen with Bruce making breakfast. I was at the stove scrambling eggs. He was beside me at the stove cooking sausage. I looked over at the toaster on the counter to my left to see if the two pieces of toast I had put down were done. When I looked, I witnessed the left-hand side of the toaster pop up the piece of toast out of the toaster, and float at a slight angle, then drop back down into the toaster. The blue light, which indicates that the toaster is on, never went off. The right side of the toaster never popped up. This toaster does not and cannot work independently right side and left. They work together or not at all. I have no explanation for the impossible happening right in front of my eyes, but it did. I have never, in all my years of investigating, seen anything move on it's own, let alone float in mid-air. It was unnerving.

I decided to set up a voice recorder in the kitchen to record all night. I set it on the kitchen counter near the toaster at 9:00 pm and let it run until 9:00 am the next morning. I reviewed all twelve hours of tape. I have done a lot of reviewing in my life, but never have I heard anything like this. During those 12 hours, there was recorded bangs, scraping sounds, rolling sounds, footsteps, whistles, voices, and racket of all sort imaginable. I tried, with all of my ability, to explain and recreate those noises, but there was nothing in the kitchen that can do that on it's own. Only a person or persons in my kitchen could have made that much noise. It is totally unexplained.

Since the 12 hour tape recording, there have been two more occurrences. I recently purchased a new tea-pot. It has a lid that snaps down tight. I found the lid sitting askew partly off the tea-pot. No one did that.

And yesterday, while I was talking to a friend on the phone, ironically, about what was going on in my home, the phone disconnected him. When I tried to call him back, the phone "froze". All of the buttons and functions on the phone refused to work. A few minutes later, it worked again.

I have contacted another experienced investigator who was recommended to me and he will be coming here soon.  I will keep this post current with any new information and activity as it happens. Please feel free to leave comments and questions.
Monday, April 8, 2019.

April 10: bang from second floor

Ran recorder in livingroom: almost nothing on recorder

April 11: Ran recorder in upstairs studio: a lot of unexplained noise, including a whistle.

April 13: I had two people to my house tonight for an investigation. They used a video camera, a digital camera, a digital recorder and a ghost box hooked up to an echo box, which is like a speaker/amplifier. During the investigation his battery for the video cam completely drained. My voice recorder, which was off, came on and started playing a tape by itself. Results of the investigation will be forthcoming.

April 22; couch cushion lifted u about 6 inches

Friday, May 17, 10:30 am, loud rattling of  heavy chest beside bed. Chest is too heavy to move.

Saturday, May 18, bottle of cooking spray and bag of flour fell from kitchen cabinet. Flour landed upright. Close to toaster.

Wed, May 22, 8:53 PM, two loud bangs from upstairs.

June 2, Sunday night, foul odor of feces, nothing found anywhere to cause odor.

For those of you following this, here is an update as of today, Sunday, Sept 8, 2019

June 5, loud bump noise from upstairs.

June 13: rattling sound from diningroom. Omar keeps looking up the stairs when no one is up there.

June 15: Witnessed movement of an opject: cake holder handles move by themselves.

June 17: dishes banging together in kitchen. No one was in kitchen. I was upstairs. Bruce heard it and thought it was me.

June 20: investigators in for 3 hours.

June 22: Did blessing of house, every room. While saying blessing upstairs in hallway, lit candle went out by itself...all doors were closed. No breeze.

June 25 and 26: odd metallic sound coming from living room desk area.

June 30: livingroom sound of high voice close to me.

July 2: clicking tapping dripping sound from kitchen

Dark shadow, very black, leaning over me in bed around 5 am.

July 25-29: noises coming from dining room heard by son, Bruce and me. Rempod going off. Nate and I felt electric tingling sensation in dining room.

August 9: rattling beside bed.

August 16: dog Omar refused to come into kitchen to get bone treat.

August 21: 9-10 pm saw movement on stairs from couch. Dog acting strange looking up stairs.

Aug 29: 9 pm, loud bangs from upstairs, loud bangs and footsteps from Nates room.

Aug 30: noon, loud noises from behind house outside. No one there.

Sept: 3: 7:50 pm, noises from dining room

Sept 4: 8 am, me poked on middle of back once, while awake.

same day front door light blinks a few times. No other light did it. bulb good and still working.

Sept. 9, 12:30 am: Bruce saw a black shadow move from the kitchen to the dining room. It was low to the ground and moved very fast.

Sept. 11, 9:30 pm: noise from kitchen. Set Rempod off in both kitchen and dining room.

Sept. 18, 8:00pm: noises in dining room. Set off rebpod in both kitchen and dining room.

around 9:00 pm: felt very cold air on my right hand while sitting on couch. Lasted a few seconds. No source for cold air.

9:30 pm: Dog at front door with nose to door frame, standing frozen for a solid minute. Very strange for him. I went outside to check but no one and nothing was there.

Sept. 23
began at 6:00 pm and ended at 3:15 am.
Experienced a door slamming, shadow figures, rempod activity, EMF anomalies, noises.

I will report on the review of evidence when I receive it.

Oct 6: loud bang upstairs, 3:00 pm, unexplained

Oct 8: very loud bang upstairs, 3pm, series of loud footsteps 5:00pm inexplained.

Oct 15, 7:50 pm, loud bang from above livingroom
11:15 pm, bang from hallway upstairs.

Oct 15, 7:20 pm, back door shut by itself.

Oct 16, 9:30pm, really odd whining/crying noise coming from next door livingroom. Went outside to see if they were home but the whole house was dark.

Oct 22,
Tuesday, 5:15 pm, loud 3 bangs from upstairs Nates room. Sounded just like Omar jumping off the bed.

Oct 31, Thursday, dog went up and down stairs 3 times in a row. He never does that. No one was up there.

Nov 17, Sunday, 9:00 pm, loud bang from upstairs.

Update: Nov 18: I never got evidence from the last investigation group. They didn't get anything and never got back to us to schedule a second investigation. So... I am giving up on investigations by outside groups. I haven't decided what to do yet. Any suggestions, anyone?


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