Exorcism Death: Who's Responsible?

                                                Exorcism Death: Who's Responsible?
 On Friday, January 17, 2014, a young Maryland woman, with the assistance of a female accomplice, stabbed and killed two of her children and left two injured but alive during an exorcism attempt in the town of Germantown, Maryland. The mother, Zakieya L. Avery, 28, and another woman, Monifa Denise Sanford, 21, have been charged and are being held without bond.  The children who died, Norell Harris, 1, and his sister, Zyana Harris, 2, were fatally stabbed by their mother. Taniya Harris, 5, and Martello Harris, 8 where hospitalized with injuries as a result of the attack. Montomery County, Maryland Police found the children after a neighbor called 911. The two women tried to flee out the back door while police were coming through the front

"She thought the devil was in the kids, and that's sort of the thing she centered it around as to why she had to conduct an exorcism," said Capt. Marcus Jones, director of the police department's major crimes division. "She just thought that there were evil spirits within the kids."

The women are believed to have met each other at a church, which was identified as Exousia Ministries in Germantown.
The pastor of that congregation, declined to discuss the case after services at an elementary school Sunday or even confirm that the women worshiped there.
The two women told the police that they saw the children's eyes turn black and a cloud hovering over one of them. One of the women alleged that she saw a demon jump from a child's body into one of the women. The women are alleged to be members of an unsanctioned church group called the Demon Assassins.

I read this news story with growing horror. I know, crazy people with psychological problems do crazy, criminal, insane and evil things, including murder. But this was particularly horrific because it involved a mother and her own children; and demons.

So, without prolonging the issue, I just want to put this to the readers for consideration; are the paranormal reality shows contributing to this fascination, obsession, and involvement with demon possession, demonology, demonic activity, and the study of and messing around with demons?
I think that they are. What I have witnessed in the past year is a ramping up of the content of paranormal reality shows, so that they are more violent, more dramatic, more dangerous, more deadly, and, therefore, more interesting to the audience. We are supposed to believe that every haunted house has a demon. We are to believe that many people who come into contact with a haunted location also come into contact with demons and may need exorcised. It certainly makes the shows interesting, with more action, more danger, more drama. It is also completely rediculous. In all of my five years of paranormal investigating and over 50 investigations, I have never encountered a demon or a demonic possession. It is extremely rare. As you know, and as I have written at length in my blog article on demons, I also would never mess with that. I would leave that to the clergy. This is a dangerous fascination. People who mess with demons or develope an overactive curiousity for demons may find themselves delving into and exposing themselves to psychological danger, as well as physical danger for themselves and others around them.
The shows, the producers and directors and writers of such reality shows, who are now indulging in this demon fad are seriously misinformed and misled. This is not innocent fun. These shows could very well be fueling interest and obsession from unbalanced individuals, with dire or even deadly consequences.
Take some responsibility.
This isn't an episode of Supernatural.  This is real.
What the Ph...

News story source: Yahoo.com news website


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