Ghost Hunters and Re-enactments.

In the most recent episode of Ghost Hunters, which ran on the SyFy network last Wednesday, February 5, 2014, TAPS went to the Octagon Museum in Franklin, Kentucky, where recent renovations have opened up experiences of paranormal activity.  Later, the team headed to Memphis, Tennessee to check out the Woodruff-Fontaine House, which is claimed to be haunted.

The episode was unremarkable, with the predictable format, so I won't discuss that. However, like last week, when I wrote about the unfamiliar format of investigating not one, not two, not even three, but four locations in one episode, this episode also introduced something new to TAPS. Sometimes new is not good. This is one of those times. I have written about such shows as Paranormal Witness, which re-enacts narratives by so-called eye-witnesses of paranormal events. The re-enactments are, basically, fictionalized accounts of what might have been something resembling the truth, but no longer. The re-enactments are done with writers and actors, and even made up locations. Special effects are used.

Ghost Hunters has never, ever done this. There is always an interview of the client, and a short synopsis of what the client is experiencing; all of which is spoken. This week on the first episode introduction of the Octagon Museum, I couldn't believe my eyes. They re-enacted the narrative. Actors, special effects, the whole deal. I sat up in my seat and leaned forward to get a closer look, my eyes got big, my mouth dropped open in horror.  No.. Not TAPS. Fake, re-enacted paranormal events. They have NEVER done this before on any episode in ten years. This crosses the line from legitimate protocol, proper investigative technique, rigorous debunking procedures, etc. This takes TAPS into the realm of the faked, the fraudulent, the phoney shows out there that fictionalize and re-enact narratives.
This is so disappointing. What I want to know is, why? Why in the world do this? Who talked TAPS into this nonsense?
Here we go...down hill.


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