Up Your Orb

                                                                        Up Your Orb
Photo taken my me, Sach's Bridge at night. 

First, let me explain this category.  When I write under this heading, it is because I have reached my limit of patience regarding this topic. I have lost all respect and regard. I am done. So my comments will be very sarcastic, ridiculing, and silly in the extreme. I'm mad and I am not going to take it anymore.

You may argue, reason, plead. I will not be moved. You may rationally explain your position. I will not be moved. Do not take anything I say personally. It's not. It's me. Blame my anger. Whenever you see me write under this topic, refer back to this disclaimer.

In the paranormal field there are certain things, topics, experiences, issues, that just don't, won't go away. No matter how long its been debated, no matter how much evidence is presented, no matter how logical and reasonable the arguments, some people just won't listen to reason. They stick to their paranormal guns and come out shooting every time, with hands firmly placed over years, they shout their insistence in the obvious; the obviously wrong, absurd, ridiculous, and debunked.

One of those topics is orbs. Orbs, for the purpose of this discussion, in the paranormal field, are balls of light that show up on digital cameras. They are never seen by the naked eye. They are usually round and light colored. They are often seen in pictures taken outdoors, but can also be seen indoors. They can be colored but are mostly white. They can be large or small, transparent or opaque.
Now, here is what they are. They are the digital camera's flash reflecting off of a particle of dust, lint, or a drop of water, mist, or a bug. Rarely, they are balls of energy.
What they are not: Spirits. Ghosts, paranormal anythings.

I have been observing this phenomena for 5 years; this insistence that orbs are paranormal, that spirits are manifesting, that human spirits are escaping and floating around. People insist that they see faces in the orbs when they enlarge the image. And, my favorite theory regarding orbs, is that the colors of orbs have some sort of spiritual or emotional meaning. Many charts have been published to list these meanings and their corresponding colors. Here you go:
Pink - openness
Red - stress, restlessness
Dark Red - Angry, pain, psychological impairment
Clear Red - high energy
Peach - ability to comfort
Orange -  healing energy
Gold - free-flowing energy
Yellow - caution
Yellow/Green - psychic gravity
Green - healing fertility
Turquoise- amusement, neutrality
Light blue - tranquility
Dark Blue - shyness, survivor instinct
Lavender- at peace with God
Violet - seeking spiritual guidance
White - high frequency, protection
Silver - Telekinetic Power
Brown - Connection to the earth

My favorite is yellow; according to the chart it means caution. I wonder where they got that idea? Perhaps from running too many yellow lights? 

Orbs rarely showed up on 35 millimeter cameras. They began to appear when the digital camera came out and became popular with amateur photographers.
Orbs rarely show up on video.
Orbs are rarely seen with the naked eye.
Orbs are rarely anything other than dust, bugs, mist, water droplets, You see a lot of orbs on your digital camera when you go outside to shoot. Are you near water? Is it a damp night? If you are outside, there will be dust, pollen, and bugs flying around.Even the water vapor from your own breath. If you capture orbs on your digital camera and it is not damp, raining, foggy, there is no water around, all the bugs have died because it is mid winter, its very sunny and arid, and you still get orbs, its still water vapor, bugs, dust.  Guaranteed. I promise.
The light from your camera reflects back at you and onto the lens of your camera as a round ball of light. Sometimes, if you enlarge the image, you can actually see the wings of a bug. 
I'm sorry, but it drives me stark raving mad. I will be at my favorite paranormal hangout in Gettysburg, PA. Sachs Bridge.  It's over water. Its always damp, misty, foggy, buggy, at Sachs Bridge. Always. But, it never fails. An amateur ghost hunter will shoot off a bunch of pictures with a flash and exclaim, "Oh! Look! Orbs! and they have faces in them! The spirits are manifesting. It's so haunted here. I can feel it. Its all around us. 
Use caution. I see yellow orbs. Ooh. It's turning dark red. That means I am extremely ANGRY.

Advice to both the novice and the experienced:

Do not continue to make a fool of yourself by discussing orbs. Do not waste a moment of precious reviewing time on photos of orbs. Do not engage the orb enthusiast in conversation. You will never get away. Adjust your paradigm. Shift. Shift to believing the facts. Please?



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