No-Hard Blow-It-All Part III - The investigation at South High Street.

 It's August of 2021. We're into the second year of the Covid 19 Pandemic. We're also into the third year of the haunting at 7 S. High St. I have documented for the reader my experiences with paranormal investigators in my home.  If you have read No-Hard Blow-It-All parts I and II, then you understand. If you haven't, I suggest you do before reading this. If you are lazy, let me just say that each experience was less than good, with varying degrees of inept, fraudulent, incompetent, and irresponsible; everything from leaving after an hour, to never sending our evidence to faking credentials, and worse. They were all so bad that they inspired me to start my own group; another story for another time.

I decided to give it another try. I contacted someone who I was familiar with online. She was local. We spoke on the phone for an hour. They agreed to do an investigation. She called me one night requesting that the group, which has changed its name so many times that I have lost track and am no longer quite sure who they are, come the next night due to a cancellation in their schedule. I did them a favor and agreed. They arrived, set up and got started. I immediately noticed a lack of organization. I also noticed that the equipment was not being used correctly. I'll leave it at that. They finished up after about 3 hours, tore down and left. I waited three weeks and contacted the leader to ask about our evidence. She said she didn't feel that they caught anything important enough to share with me. When I asked about a return visit she said she felt none was required. 

On facebook a few days later our video evidence was running publicly on the team facebook site. As you may know, all evidence is confidential. You must get the permission of the client to release evidence. No such permission was ever asked for or given. She violated our confidentiality, which is a huge ethics issue.   

While doing the interview over the phone with me she told me she was a demonologist. My partner was listening to the interview and is a witness to what was said. Online a few months later she admitted she doesn't believe demons are real.

There is nothing I hate more than a liar. I was taken. I was conned. That won't happen again.

Months later I decided to call in one more group. This group is highly respected and I honestly trusted them. They came to my home and did an excellent job. They were professional, knowledgeable, and impressive. They left with the promise to get our evidence back to us within 4 weeks. After waiting 6 weeks I contacted them and asked them where our evidence was. She apologized and told us that a few of the group members were ill with covid and she was under quarantine. She promised to have a member get the evidence package ready that weekend.  That was almost two weeks ago with no word. 

So, here's my issue. Why in hell are you investigating, going to other people's houses, unvaccinated? Unmasked? They put everyone at risk. How could they do this? I was a total fool in assuming that they were vaccinated, responsible adults. I was wrong. We also still don't have our evidence. I'm furious beyond measure. 

The haunting continues. The answers are still beyond me. I will continue to try, but it will be me and my own team that will be doing the work from now on. I trust no one else. 

If you are in need of paranormal help and would like to enlist the help of a great team, contact me. We are in the South Central Pennsylvania area. We are Spirit Searchers Paranormal Investigations, SSPI. Our website is You may reach us through the "contact us" page, or Our email address is Or contact me here. 

If you want to know who to avoid and would like the team names of these incompetent people just ask. I'm happy to help.


Unknown said…
As one who lived through this with you it was an amazing article

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