Why do so many love to hate Zack Bagans?

Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures is one of the most successful paranormal investigators to have his own TV show. It's been on now for over ten years. 

The issue many people seem to have with the show is its over-the-top style. There is a lot of emotion, yelling, oh-my-God-ing. Sure. They go to some of the most haunted, terrifying places on earth.  And, perhaps a lot of the drama is for the sake of the camera, but that doesn't make it fake.

I have been watching Ghost Adventures since the beginning. I mean really watching it. Sure, it's dramatic, sometimes it's silly. But it's always entertaining.

I know many of you will disagree with me, and that's ok. 

But have you really watched the show? I mean really watched it? Instead of reading about what others have to say about it? Well, I have.

1. It's not faked.

2. Zack Bagans is an amazing and gifted documentarian and filmmaker.

3. Nearly two-thirds of the show is research, history, gorgeous videography filmmaking, interviews with witnesses, experts, and local historians, walk-throughs of the locations, and a description of the paranormal claims. He then describes how he is going to run the investigations and what technology will be used. 

4.Ghost Adventures is known for introducing new tech into the field. The SB7 Ghost Box and the SLS camera, to name I few. 

5. Did I mention that he's a really good filmmaker? It's Art.

6. His passion and dedication to the paranormal are second to none.

My opinion was my own, and I felt very alone in it until I read, today (May 18, 2021), that Eli Roth is teaming up with Bagans to make a series about Bagan's Haunted Museum, due to come out on Discovery+ later this year. Eli Roth, one of the best in the horror genre of movie-making. He did Inglorious Basterds, one of my favorite movies. His endorsement of Bagans and his teaming up to produce this series is unprecedented in Paranormal TV and puts a seal of legitimacy on 
Bagan's work. 

And I'm done writing this blog for a while. Interest and audience have dwindled to none. 

Happy hunting everyone.



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