CE-5, UFOs and Remote Viewing

I’ve never been that interested in UFOs. I’ve often thought that those who do were a bit creative in their wishful thinking. It seemed to me that a lot of belief centered around Hollywood movies and Sci-fi computer-generated special effects. Steven Spielberg had a lot to do what that. E.T. Phone Home. Then came the proliferation of cell phone cameras. Everyone carries one. That resulted in people taking photos and videos of their UFO sightings, and documented, incontrovertible proof. This had my attention. I watched all the movies and documentaries. I saw the military footage of UFOs flying off the coast of California. Sightings documented by pilots, military personal, scientists. Then I watched Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, and I became intriqued and convinced. The irony of all of this is I actually had my own close encounter as a child. I was ten or eleven. I was in bed, staring out my back window up at the night sky. It was crystal clear that night. I often watched the moon and stars move slowly across the sky. It calmed me and helped me sleep. This night I was watching the stars when I noticed one star begin to move down towards the horizon, in a perfectly straight line, very slowly. Nothing changed about the star, except its position in the sky. It was definitely moving. I got up and went to the window to figure out what I was seeing. As I watched it continued to move down slowly. Then, in a flash, the “star” turned at a sharp 90-degree angle and moved at lightening speed to the right, in line with the horizon, and off into the distance. I was shocked. I must have stood there staring at the sky for an hour before returning to bed. The next morning, I told my dad about what I witnessed and asked him if it was possible for a plane to do that. My dad was a fighter pilot in WWII and worked as an engineer for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. He said, no. He knew of no aircraft that had the capability of moving like that. Even a helicopter turned in an arch, not a corner like that. So, I put it down to maybe I was dreaming? But I knew I was wide awake, and a tiny bit afraid. Now I know I witnessed a UFO. I began to research the subject and discovered the CE-5 movement. CE-5 stands for Close Encounter of the 5th kind, which is actual communication with an extra-terrestrial or UFOs. According to witnesses, usually these objects in the sky seem to mind their own business. According to thousands of eyewitness reports, the UFOs act as if they are oblivious of their witnesses. But occasionally, someone reports that they waved at the craft or shone a light at it at night, in an attempt to communicate with it. Occasionally, someone will report that what they did seemed to be exactly repeated by the UFO. Two short flashes of a flashlight are followed by two short flashes from the object in the sky. A pilot reports that he wiggled the wings of his airplane slightly, and an oval metallic disc nearby wavers soon afterwards. A driver is exactly paced by a nearby unidentified aerial object mile after mile of curving roads. Do such mimicking responses by the unusual phenomenon represent some type of deliberate communication, a pure coincidence, or something else we know nothing about? The method for contacting extraterrestrials is called the close encounter-5 protocol, or CE-5. In a formal sense, CE-5 is defined as human-initiated, bilateral communication with extraterrestrials. Since CE-5 is a consciousness-based technique, people can use thought, meditation, visualization, prayer, ritual and even remote viewing to accomplish the connection. Since Dr. Greer’s movie, thousands of people from all walks of life all over the planet have signed on to the CE-5 experiment. It’s a loosely affiliated group of people with one common desire to make contact with aliens. This seems crazy, I know. But the experiences of thousands of people back up the assertion that something is out there and is alien and is trying to contact us. The CE-5 philosophy is that these aliens are peaceful, non-threatening, highly intelligent beings who wish us well, have possibly been here for a very long time watching over us, and are now making more of an effort to make contact with us. The pie-in-the-sky ideals of this movement (pun intended) are in direct contrast to what is going on in the world: the pandemic, terrorism, racism and hate,and all measure of evil. In the CE-5 movement, people must open themselves up to communication with aliens in nothing but a peaceful and loving way. Meditation is believed to help. Your style or choice of meditation is up to you. It’s open to anyone and anything, including simply sitting quietly. Meditating in groups with the peaceful intension of UFO contact is the goal. I know. It all seems so crazy and bizarre, but it’s not. The presence of UFO’s is so well documented that governments all over the planet are now acknowledging that there is evidence of extraterrestrial life and contact with us. Photo evidence is piling up. Anecdotal evidence from reputable sources like the military, pilots, scientists, is verifiable and reliable. If we conclude that UFO’s are real, and are visiting this planet, and have attempted to communicate with us, then the CE-5 movement is timely and, frankly, so exciting it’s hard to contain. In order to participate in CE-5, Dr. Greer has initiated what are called the CE-5 Protocols. I will give you an abreviated list, and, if you are interested in delving further, the protocols are easily available online. Since CE-5 is a consciousness-based technique, people can use thought, meditation, visualization, prayer, ritual and even remote viewing to accomplish the connection. These steps can be followed by a solo person, indoors or outdoors, or by a group. CE-5 Protocols: Step 1: Locate/Designate an appropriate spot for your CE-5. The spot should be quiet, remote, preferably away from city lights and with a full view of the night sky. Step 2: Prepare yourself for meditation.; This can be any technique with which you feel comfortable. It is believed that aliens are telepathic. They can feel your intensions, so staying sincere and kind is important. Step 3: Meditate, state intentions, meditate for at least 20 minutes. Your mood should be happy, joyous, peaceful. Step 4: Focus on your heart center, mentally project your peaceful intensions and invitation out into the cosmos. Stay open for contact. Invite contact. Project your intensions of friendship and love, with the hope of help in healing the planet, humanity, help with spiritual development, understanding, universal peace, or even confirmation that they really exist! Step 5: Scan the skies for ET craft or visual phenomena, be open to telepathic communication. Step 6: Write down your experiences. Debrief right afterwards. Share experiences. You may find there have been synchronicities with a group. It is strongly suggested that people abstain from any kind of mind-altering substance. It is believed that any kind of meditation will put you in the proper state of mind for alien contact. Meditation helps with instilling calmness, removing fear, and could help to develop telepathy, empathic abilities, and even remote viewing. You five senses become heightened; you become more aware. CE-5 contact can come in a variety of forms. 1. sighting of an extraterrestrial craft. 2. Lucid dream-like imagery 3. telepathic messages or a sense of knowingness 4. Unusual electric phenomena with communications equipment and many other things have been observed and reported. In recent months more than 600 teams in more than 34 countries joined together to make CE-5 contact. In addition, there is a global CE-5 contact event scheduled for Saturday, June 8. If you have a UFO sighting to report, you can use either one of the two national database services: nuforc.org or mufon.com. Both services respect confidentiality. Ok, we've established what CE-5 is. Believe it or don't believe it. People from all walks of life, all faiths, all cultures, all countries have experienced this and believe it to be real. I want to talk about remote viewing, because it is one technique being practiced to help communicate with UFOs. Remote viewing is the paranormal ability to perceive a remote or hidden target without support of the senses. This is something that the military has been involved in in the past. It is the telepathic ability to "see" with the minds eye, some place other than where you are in the moment. It is thought that remote viewing can be learned with practice. Someone who is living out in San Diego, California, is involved in the CE-5 movement. He has been told that his training and expertise as a musician has mentally helped in the development of this ability. I was skepticald at first. So, we decided to do a few experiments. Since I am on the east coast, in Pennsylvania, he will remote view an object in my home. I will choose an object, set in somewhere in my home, tell him where it is, and he will attempt to remote view the object and then describe the object to me, or whatever he saw in his mind's eye. We did this experiement three times. Here are the results. I will place a photo of the object here, and his description above the photo. It took him about 3-5 minutes to send me his descriptions. Here we go. Here is the photo:
Here is his first description: I’m getting round, khaki or grey brown, rough, a series of holes, and a swirling pattern I kept seeing a clay vase
I set both objects beside each other, they were not separated. Pointy, blue, peach color, circular, lots of empty space
Cold, black, reflective, diamond screen, oval shape
In the first description, the brown, khaki or grey clay vase is a pretty good description of the brown wood figure. The swirling pattern of the second object is accurate, amazingly so. The second description is spot on accurate in detail, all except the color blue. The third description is again, very accurate except for the "diamond screen". This ability is meant to be used to communicate with UFOs. But I think this result is astounding. I hope to get lots of feedback and comments on this article. Your opinions and comments are welcome. Note: The google blog program, which I have beenn using for ten plus years, has suddenly become nearly unworkable. So, I apoligize for the lack of paragraphs, spacing, and captions under the photos. The program just kept jamming all the text together as one long paragraph in small font. I am truly sorry. The information for this article was gleaned from Dr.Greer's movie, CE-5 and the actual CE-5 protocols, which have been published online in multiple places and sources. Other information has been generously provided by my son,including the remote viewing experiment.


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