No-Hard-Blow-It-All Part II

This is an update on my last article in which I discussed my disillusionment with paranormal groups. I also talked about a rather well-known person who had agreed to look into my case and, possibly, schedule an investigation. Well, that never happened. That group kept me waiting more than four months before getting back to me to tell me they were not going to take my case. They told me that I was their only private residence on their agenda. So, why not do an investigation? My theory is that they are only interested in public places to investigate with groups of people who must pay to join them. In other words, they are only interested in making money. That is my personal opinion. I could be wrong. I often am. Then, why didn't they tell me that four months ago? Were they so insensitive as to not care that we were waiting for them, because we had lost trust in everyone else?

After that lovely experience, I called my good friend and 30-year investigator and told him what had happened. He arrived here the next day. We had quite a night. He captured incredible evidence, blessed my home and gave us some good advice; move as soon as you can, if not sooner.

I then called a group that uses a medium. The medium remote views over the phone. I was quite skeptical but very curious. I believed that there were people who could do this. I have also known a  few real mediums; Chris Fleming and Alexandra Holzer are both the real thing, as well as very caring people.

 I spoke to the medium on the phone for 30 minutes and she hit on some things that were very accurate, things that she could not possibly have known. I was impressed. They arrived the next day. They told me that they didn't want to keep me waiting because I had done enough of that and it wasn't fair. They actually cared about what I had been through.

They arrived on time, set up quickly and in an orderly fashion, and the medium did a quick walkthrough. The evening began with two of the investigators getting scratched. Footsteps were coming from upstairs, unusual smells, some shadows, and knocks. My dog started pacing back and forth, back and forth in an agitated manner that was very unlike him. They did the flashlight thing, which worked a few times. Then, inexplicably, everything came to a screeching halt. Everything stopped. The atmosphere went dead, quiet, still. The investigators tried to continue by changing things up, moving people around, changing techniques, but nothing happened after that. They tore down in record time and left.

 The mediums appeared to lead the team. Whatever they said was, seemingly, taken as fact. They decided we had a little girl spirit and the rest of the evening was spent talking to "baby, sweetheart, and honey." That is when everything went quiet. Evil entities and demons love to mimic little girls or children, to deceive the investigator into believing that what was there was harmless. I think that is what happened, but I could be wrong. They also focused on areas of the house that we had never had any activity and ignored our suggestions to focus on areas of the house that had the most activity, like the kitchen and the front bedroom. So, the areas that have always been the most active were not the focus, for the most part.

They assured me that they would have our evidence in two to three weeks, and I believe them. They are trustworthy in that regard. I just don't think it is smart to allow a medium to lead an investigation. She was wrong about a lot of things and right about some things but often wouldn't listen to me or my partner. Why?

So, it was interesting. The medium was correct about many things and incorrect about many things. So, I guess she was 50/50. But it was very frustrating for us not to be listened to when we told them to not bother with the basement. Nothing has ever, in 15 years, happened in the basement, or the hall closet, or the landing to the basement.

Oh well. I think they gave it their best shot, which was a good thing. They were caring, and worked hard and stayed until after 1:00 am. I highly appreciate their effort. They were the first group to actually do an ok job. They really did care about what we have been going through.

 I think I am finished inviting investigators into my home to investigate the very dramatic activity here. I'm still shocked that so few are interested. So many seem to be far more interested in running around with K2 meters at a public location that has been made famous on TV by Ghost Adventures.

 I will update this article with the evidence caught, if any, as soon as I get it.

If you have activity in your home and you want an investigation, I wish you luck. However, I would recommend this group so if you live in the Maryland area and would like their name, contact me and I will be glad to give it to you.

In the meantime, take a skeptic pill and watch your back.
Just my opinion.


Ghostdanxe said…
The group I recommend also covers the southern PA area. They really are a good group and extremely nice people.

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