No-Hard Blow-It-All
     The Permutations of Paranormal Groups

As many of you know, I have been experiencing paranormal activity in my home for a year now. I have been logging incidents by date, time and details of the activity. Since I have been a paranormal investigator, and a writer on the paranormal for many years, I am not completely ignorant of these things. I am a good debunker. I am a bit of a skeptic, and I keep up on knowledge of all things paranormal, from equipment, to techniques, to controversial issues and people. I love science, so I do a lot of reading on the latest in scientific knowledge and theory of paranormal things. I often write about new technology, new TV shows, and controversial issues; all this to make clear to the reader, who probably already knows this, that I am not a novice. Neither am I easily swayed, convinced or deceived/bamboozled.

The past year has been the most frustrating and infuriating year I have spent in this field. I have seen some pretty crazy, inexplicable things with my own eyes. I have heard some crazy things with my own ears. So, when I reached out to the paranormal community for help, I expected to get help. I fully expected people to believe me, to be very interested in what is going on here (levitation of an object as one example) and jump at the chance to experience this crazy phenomena for themselves. I thought (crazy me) that investigators would jump at the chance to come here and help me figure out wtph is going on here. NOOOOoooo. Nope nope nope. Nada.

In the past year I have had one good friend and highly experienced investigator come here and spend all of three hours doing a few evp sessions, taking a few pictures, and getting out a Phasma-box. While here there was an unexplained loud crash from the second floor that everyone heard. He left with his evidence and never came back. When I asked him to return for a follow-up investigation, he said, "I told you that there is something there. What more do you want from me?" Well, what I want from any investigation: answers. Even explanations about what might be causing some of the unexplained and rather alarming phenomena would be nice. Theories, ideas, guesses, brainstorming, postulating, theorizing, anything! Of course, these sorts of answers can only be found if you are willing to spend time at it, effort, repetition of experiments, deeper investigating, research. You get it.

The next people to come here were highly recommended to me by someone I respect. He arrived and immediately pulled out a pendulum and a velvet mat and began talking to the pendulum, but getting no response. I told him, in advance, that I didn't want such occult devices used in my home. I don't believe most of them work. I prefer more of a scientific approach. However, I am not adverse to using a vetting medium/psychic.  He ignored me. He also left and never came back. I couldn't even get him to answer a text.

The next person to arrive was very smart, experienced, and had some impressive new technology. He and his crew of two spent three hours here and left. They came back, spent a few more hours here, then left, never to return.

The next people to arrive were a highly recommended group of individuals with lots of technology,  full video camera coverage, an SLS camera, voice recorders, and four investigators. They spent all night with us. We experienced a door slamming on its own, a black shadow moving down a hallway caught on camera, and lots of personal experiences of creepy feelings. They left and I felt that, finally, a real investigation which captured real evidence. But I didn't hear back from them. We waited a long time before contacting anyone. They had lots of excuses and said they would get back to us soon. Again, I waited a long time without contact from anyone before trying to talk to someone about it. When they didn't get back to me soon I gave up in anger and frustration. What are these people doing? Why are they doing it? What is going on here?

So, I tried one last time. I contacted  a guy who is known as a skeptic. He claims to build his own scientific and highly reliable and sensitive equipment. He asked me to send him a detailed log of all events. I spoke to him on the phone for over two hours. I recreated some of the moving objects incidents on video for him. He said he would get back to me. A few weeks later, I receive a very long email from him debunking each entry, one at a time, from 300 miles away, south of Pittsburgh, while sitting in his armchair ( I assume). Now, I've done lots of investigating, but never by remote viewing; never from a distance, never without actually visiting the site in person, bodily. He asked me to set up an experiment to recreate one incident. However, his requirements were completely different in nature from the actual event. does that prove or show anything? His conclusions were, frankly, absurd in the extreme. I'm sorry, but no matter how smart you think you are, you can't diagnose a paranormal event from a distance, ever. It's disrespectful to the client, it's highly arrogant, and it shows that you are, frankly, just an arrogant, know-it-all blow-hard. As we have come to call such irritating individuals, a no-hard blow-it-all. (blowhard know it all).

So, now what do I do?
Well, my faith in people dies hard. I recently attended a paranormal retreat/investigation with a renowned investigator in Gettysburg, PA. He has agreed to take my case. I will be hearing from them after the first of the year, and my hopes are high. If anything, he and his group are compassionate, caring, empathetic people, so I do expect not to be abandoned, forgotten, insulted or ignored this time.

I'll keep you posted.

This no-hard blow-it-all saying Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may all your spirits be merry and bright, not dark, scary and prone to moving objects.


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