Paranormal categories: then there is the third, the Con Artist.

There is science, and there is also pseudoscience. Then, there is the third category. I decided to mention it in a short side post because I recently was accosted by it and it gets me going.

A friend was reading his facebook page a few days ago and a post stood out because of it's outrageous and arrogant claim. I am paraphrasing, but it basically said that if you do not use Ouija boards in your paranormal investigating, then you are not a "real" paranormal investigator. I've heard many opinions about Ouija boards, from people who believe you should never get near one because they are too dangerous, to the other extreme, that they are as safe and valid to use as any other tool. So, when he read this he asked me if I would like him to send it to me for my blog. I said yes, so he forwarded it to me. Apparently, on facebook, when you forward or share a post the original writer gets a notification. The writer got the notification and went off the rails. "Who wanted to see it?!  Why did they want to see it?! Why was it forwarded?! Who are these people?! Then, in a flash, the original post was wiped off the site. Gone. Poof.
I thought it was pretty funny. First, if you are publicly posting stuff like that on facebook, you must have the courage of your own convictions and be willing to defend your beliefs. Second, if you are a fraud, a fake, or a con, you had better be more careful.
Word to the wise: As most of you already know, there are many frauds and con artists in the paranormal field who are after your money and will lie, sneak and con you out of as much of it as they can. No legitimate paranormal investigator charges a lot of money for anything, or threatens you out of your money by using fear. Be careful and wise. They are all over the web so beware. This individual was not from the U.S. and they were tied to some sort of TV show. I looked no further.

Also, absolute, black and white statements like that put forth with that much arrogance must be questioned. There is a great deal that we can have our own opinions about. It's ok to disagree. It's not ok to tell the world that you are the only wise one who can tell you what and how to think on certain paranormal subjects.

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!


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