The Hunt for the Elusive Sum'bitch

There is no explanation, no picture, no description of this critter, but, apparently, it is seen all the time in the hills of West Virginia by that wise and experienced group of very large, rollie-pollie trackers and hunters who run around with guns pointing at the butt of the tracker in front of them. This year they just can't stop running into that Sum'bitch while out hunting the likes of Big Foot. He follows these guys everywhere. Traps are built, guns are pointed, loud yelling ensues, and cries of "There goes that Sum'bitch again!" can be heard echoing off the desolate and beautiful hills of West Virginia.

Will they ever find it? Who knows. I'll keep watching. It is fascinating. What will they trap next? What does this elusive, ever-present, mysterious Sum'bitch look like? With episode upon gut-wrenching episode, these denim-bibbed, scraggly-bearded good ol' boys, each with a lighted lamp attached to his forehead, gun at the ready, powerful intellects at work, hunt until sun-up.

It's award-winning Television, folks. Don't miss it. And maybe, just maybe, next episode, the elusive, mysterious, ever-present Sum'bitch may make an appearance, and we can catalogue a brand new species of Criptid.
Go get-um guys.


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