Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil

I went to the theatre with my boyfriend to see "Deliver Us From Evil" on Sunday evening. The movie was almost two hours long. Directed by Scott Derrickson, inspired by the book "Beware the Night," by Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier, the movie is based upon the police officer's life as a cop and a demonologist.

Mr. Sarchie is a retired New York City police officer, played by Eric Bana. He and the priest, played by Edgar Ramirez, regularly encounter evil in the form of criminal behavior, which leads to a tense and terrifying chase down of demons.

This leads to an exorcism scene which really delivers the terrifying goods, with a climax as credible as you’re likely to see in any movie involving demons and the paranormal. The score was punctuated by works by the Doors. I always knew those guys and their music opened a direct portal to Hell.

I have read quite a few reviews by movie critics and many of them get into this debate over whether or not demons are real and the paranormal is believable. They get into the tired argument that proof is not being served up. Convincing, definitive evidence is not being presented. And since no evidence is there, then not only is this movie, which is based upon the real life of a demonologist, discredited, but everything else which is presented, is never proof, but always either the result of a deluded, mentally ill mind, or some sort of temporary insanity or hallucination.

I'm so very sick of this. This movie was not made to prove anything to anyone. And, if you already believe, it offers no new information. If you don't, it certainly doesn't offer any new evidence. It's not meant to. The movie assumes that the people in it believe. They believe enough to fight demons, and they win. Not everything is about proving things to non-believers. These characters are who they are. They remind me of the two hunters in Supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchester. No one has to convince them that monsters, demons, angels, and evil are real. They face it and fight it every day. So too with Mr. Sarchie and the Priest. When you come face to face with evil, whether primary or secondary (secondary being the evil men do, primary being the demons who do evil for the pure fun of it, without motive, reason or sanity) you do not need evidence. Your life is evidence enough.

I happen to believe that secondary evil often leads to primary evil. People who choose to commit evil acts for selfish reasons, over and over again, sink down into the demonic, which may open a door for the devil to step through. These evil acts and choices can appear trivial and even harmless on the surface. It is the repetition over time, absent repentance and forgiveness, that leads people down, and down, and down, weakens their resistance, and eventually leads them on to greater evil, more overt acts of wrongdoing, and despair.

Who knows. I do know that primary evil, and demonic possession is extremely rare.

Secondary evil, as common as the cold.

If you really want proof of the spiritual, push against evil just once. Resist temptation to commit a wrong. Experience the push back.

Welcome to the War.

I do recommend this movie. It's genuinely scary and worth the time.


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