Hans Holzer's special anniversary edition of The Ghost Hunter

"A Ghost is only a fellow human being in trouble."
—Hans Holzer
Now available as a special 50th anniversary edition, The Ghost Hunter, by famed ghost hunter Dr. Hans Holzer, recounts more than 40 real-life ghost stories, including several of the author’s most intriguing cases. This ever-inquisitive researcher probes the history of each of these restless spirits and sometimes even coaxes them out of seclusion. His pursuit of things that go bump in the night takes Holzer to strange haunts. These are just a few of the spirits you will encounter in The Ghost Hunter:
A Revolutionary War soldier who continues to inhabit a house in the hills of New Jersey
A Central Park West social-climbing spirit staging a postmortem sit-in because she felt that her neighbors had snubbed her
The Bayberry Perfume ghost whose distinctive scent continues to permeate the Philadelphia house that she haunts
A lunatic uncle whose demise hasn't stopped him from making unwelcome visits
The tragic Fifth Avenue Ghost who, killed by a romantic rival, remains pinned in a love triangle of 1871
An old manor ghost who drives an entire carriage team of phantom horses
About the Author:
Austrian-born Hans Holzer, Ph.D. (1920–2009), known throughout the world as "The Ghost Hunter," was the author of more than 100 books. Long regarded as a leading authority on the paranormal, psychic phenomena and unexplained experiences, Dr. Holzer also wrote, produced, and hosted numerous television documentaries, including NBC's In Search Of... series.
Republished with permission of Jeffrey B. Roth



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