Are Paranormal Groups Investigating Anymore?

This will be short. I need to express my suspicions.

Are paranormal groups doing any investigating for private residence clients anymore? This issue was brought to my attention by a post authored by a paranormal group who is on my face book. They made a statement, which I will paraphrase here(no pun intended).  They wrote that they do not do private residence investigations anymore. They are a purely research oriented group now. And, of course, they still do paying investigations and tours of famous public, haunted locations, for a fee. They still run classes, for a fee. They still sell equipment and books, for a price. Just do not, please, contact them if you are in need of help. If you have a haunting or paranormal activity in your home, do not call them. They are no longer helping clients. They are just making money and "researching" the paranormal.


This alarmed me, and, frankly, pissed me off. I thought that is why paranormal groups existed; to help people with their paranormal problems. Apparently, not anymore. You simply cannot assume anything, no matter how logical and obvious it seems to be.

I started to go to other group's websites to allay my fears. Surely, no one else has this attitude, right?

Wrong again.

No other website came right out and said it. However, if you look at what they do, what they have scheduled to do, it's almost exclusively public, paying investigations of public places, or tours. This isn't everyone, so please do not get offended if this is not you. Also, every group has to do fundraisers to support their group's expenses. Unless they are independently wealthy, that's fine too. However, I spot a disturbing trend. Is the goal of helping people over? Is the pursuit of knowledge, evidence, over? Is it all about money now?

It's all about the money. It's all about the fame. Is it really?

Apparently, yes, it is.
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