Joe Rogan Questions Everything : Review.

Review: Joe Rogan Questions Everything

I think most of us are pleased to see a new show that is not another typical paranormal reality show. Instead, we have a show that is about delving into paranormal mysteries and trying to determine, scientifically, what is true and what is bunk.
I watched the first two episodes and found it quite entertaining, informative, and balanced.

Joe Rogan, who resides in Los Angeles and regularly performs stand-up comedy, is the larger-than-life host. A stand-up comedian for more than 20 years, he hosted the TV show Fear Factor, and
played Joe Garrelli in the NBC comedy series NewsRadio.  Mr. Rogan is also a big MMA fan, with a black belt and is a Tae Kwon Do champion.  He has recently been busy hosting TV specials like Joe Rogan Live From The Tabernacle (2012) and has acted in movies such as Here Comes the Boom and Zookeeper. He also hosts a very popular podcast on iTunes called the Joe Rogan Experience, which features long conversations with a variety of guests.

Mr. Rogan claims to be a paranormal mystery addict. He has explored these topics for years on his podcast. He brings his confrontational, comedic personality and interviewing style to TV in this new show.

The show, which airs on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m Eastern time, is one hour of interviews of experts, enthusiasts, skeptics and crazies. Mr. Rogan inserts his own opinions in an amusing and entertaining manner, but I came away, after two episodes, feeling that he is reliable and honest. 

The show is fairly superficial as far as the science goes. This is not "Through the Wormhole". It does actually question assumptions and beliefs. He speaks to scientists and specialists who appear very credible. He loves to bait the conspiracy theorists, who come out to play on every show.  The film is allowed to role as the enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists dig their own crazy graves as we watch and Joe's face reveals his opinion regarding just how high on the crazy meter these guys go. 

The show is scheduled to air six episodes. The first two were on Bigfoot and Weaponized Weather. The next four are on Bio-apocalyspe, Robo-sapiens , Aliens and Psychic Warriors. 

A friend of mine, who is very reliable, swears that he saw a promo on SyFy for an episode on ghosts, but, if he did, it was pulled off the air within days. How curious. I couldn't find any mention anywhere of an episode on ghosts. Could it be that Mr. Rogan has shot an episode exposing ghost fraud and the network pulled it? Could it be that the SyFy channel has too much invested in its numerous and varied paranormal ghost shows to allow Joe to challenge their science? I don't know. I found no proof in either direction. However, I'm doing my own "question everything" and I find it rather odd that the most popular topic right now is paranormal activity and ghosts and he doesn't do a show on it.

The show does offer science which I have not seen before. I was impressed with the recordings of voices that were supposed to be of Bigfoot. I had never heard them and didn't know that such recordings existed. A language expert swears that they are an unknown language. It was amazing stuff.

So, kudos to Joe Rogan and the SyFy channel for producing and airing a show that actually deals with fact, science and an absence of silly and unquestioning belief. I relate to Joe. I experience his disbelief, his amazement, amusement and occasional outrage at the people he interviews. 

This probably guarantees its cancellation after one season. Right?

P.S. Watch an episode and share your opinion with my readership. I really want to know what you think. 
Does anyone out there believe in Bigfoot?
What did you think of the show?

Source: SyFy Channel website


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