This divisive idea of Unity

Paranormal Unity

The idea of unity in the paranormal field is a noble one. However, ironically, it is an idea which has created more anger, divisiveness and fighting than anything in the field since orbs.

Groups working together for a common goal is a good motive. The idea of meeting with other researchers and investigators to share knowledge, experience, data, evidence and ideas is exciting. Is it possible?

I think not. I think unity among a community of people with such a diverse set of beliefs, convictions, theories, and methods can only be achieved if they all hold the conviction that unity is more important than those dearly held beliefs, methods, convictions and theories. And, unfortunately, it is not.

The most glaringly obvious problem is demonstrated almost daily on the social network sites and paranormal group sites, where debates and battles rage on this subject. Someone will mention unity, then begin to bash a group or individual for not being for unity. See the irony here?

Frankly, until there is an effort to move the field towards more scientific methods, and standards of methodology, I do not think unity can happen. The field is so far apart in ideology that one group can be unrecognizable as a paranormal investigative group. The differences in belief, in methods are universes apart at this point. I cannot any longer be with a group that uses psychics. Many groups have started out with a science-based method, then, suddenly they are using dousing rods, pendulums, and other occult-based objects to provoke a happening. Some groups have moved into profit-making ventures so far that they resemble a money making business far more than a research group. Selling equipment, t-shirts that promote their group, selling "ghost tours" to tourists, sponsoring paranormal conventions, all for money and publicity, has become more the norm than the exception. I recently read on a social network site that an individual who was the lead investigator has stepped down from this position in order to spend all of her/his time handling the groups social networking job. That says it all.

Unity cannot be worked up. Division is there due to wide differences in beliefs, opinions and strong convictions within the field that differ greatly from others, and the animosity that comes when one group or individual tries to win the fight over who is right and who is wrong. Honestly, you cannot work with people who strongly disagree with one another on most issues. Who would want to?

If there are similarities, then there is a possibility for some form of collaboration, sharing of data and evidence and methods, even a dialogue that is civil. But with the wide and conflicting sets of belief systems, mixed up with massive egos and strange methods, mixed up with the human desire for fame, fortune and power, unity is just another buzz word.

Let us all work together to try and get rid of this divisive idea of unity and work toward an acceptance from the scientific community that is based upon sound evidence collecting and method, honestly, integrity, selfless hard work and a profound love for the mysteries out there waiting to be explored.



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