Dead Wrong

Dead Wrong,
The Internet and social media is wonderful, isn't it?
 Today two interesting public posts caught my eye so I must share them with you.

A woman shared that she is a psychic. (problem number one). Her psychic abilities have been hampered recently and she did not know why. After three weeks of not being able to experience her psychic thing, she realized why she may be having problems. She was taking sleeping pills. She concluded that this must be what is blocking her gift, so she stopped taking them. Almost immediately, her gifts returned and now she is fine. She also shared with facebook readers that she drinks alcohol. However, she insists, her drinking in no way does or ever has impeded her psychic gifts. So, she asked for comments. She received many, all saying pretty much the same thing. Her alcohol use was the culprit, not her sleeping pills. After many comments posted, I could not resist bringing this here for your amusement/amazement. Has anyone else thought of this?  DON'T MIX ALCOHOL AND SLEEPING PILLS. IT WILL KILL YOU. She is lucky to be alive. As a psychic, she should have "read" that one coming.
Dead Wrong

Also on the internet recently, a question was posted, and there were many people who responded, but no one understood the question or the ramifications. The question asked was this: If you investigated a location that has already been investigated by Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, and they did not get any evidence at the locations, would you be willing to admit that you did get evidence at those same locations?
Now. The responses were totally off the point. Many people responded by either criticizing Ghost Hunters and GA for being lousy teams, or accused them of being fake or full of themselves, or who cares, they don't know what they are doing, etc. Now that is not the point. I was very disturbed to see that not one so called investigator got it.
What the Ph...

P. J.


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